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Language Interpretation Services:

"There are no facts, only interpretations." - Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 - 1900)


At LangJobs, we provide interpretation service at the ease of the clients. Interpreters can travel to the location required in case of out - station assignments or we can arrange for professional interpreters residing in the city / country where the interpretation services are required.

We take pride to have largest pool of Native and Indian Interpreters in India. Our professional interpreters have served many multinational clients from manufacturing industry, software industry, electronics industry, lean, aircraft industry to name a few.

We provide qualified and experienced interpreters for all kinds of assignments - e.g. Large conferences, business collaborations, meetings, conference calls etc.

  • Simultaneous Interpretation:  A mode of interpreting where the interpreter speaks simultaneously with the speaker with minimal pauses. Typically used for seminars, lectures etc. 
  • Consecutive Interpretation:  Relaying a message from one language into another in a sequential manner. Typically used for meetings, medical appointments, negotiations, informal conversations, etc. 
  • Business Associates / Language Escorts for India/ Overseas:   Multilingual business associate / language escorts for your business trips in India/ Overseas visit. They make your business deals / tours more fruitful and are result oriented.

Some of the Languages that we regularly provide Interpreters are:

European Languages:

     |  Spanish | Portuguese | Italian | French | German| Dutch | Russian | Hungarian | Polish | Romanian |

Middle East Languages:

      | Arabic | Persian | Hebrew|

Asian Languages:

       | Chinese |  Bangladeshi | Japanese | Korean | Pashto | Sindhi | Urdu |

Indian Languages:

       | Hindi | Bengali | Assamese | Tamil | Telugu | Kannada | Malayalam | Oriya | Bhojpuri | Maithili |

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