Case Studies - Language Experts Recruitment

Case Studies - Language Experts Recruitment:

Our studies and experience made us understand your multilingual recruitment needs and here we are providing some of cases which many of our clients face:


Case I: A leading BPO having it's offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and NOIDA needs language experts for it's high end financial processes and marketing research processes. They need them to support the business in the local countries. Their processes are having 3 different shifts - APAC, AMERICAS & EUROPE. Different language experts will be working to support all the three regions and timings as per the languages and countries business they support. They also need 3 supervisors and a global manger with multilingual skills and experience of handling similar processes and team.


Case II: A software company works on several projects from Japan, Korea and European countries. They don't need permanent language experts on their payroll and they want to hire them for few months. They need someone to support them for those projects while language testing needs to be done or communication with clients is required.


Case III: A BPO company has got a new client with a process where they need to hire different language experts for three different regions to support - APAC, AMERICAS & EUROPE. They have only 1 month timelines to fill the 50 positions with language expertise skills. Post to the hiring migration needs to start and the resources need to be sent for training on pilot batch migration.


Case IV: A company having it's Software and captive BPO divisions where they require language experts on large scale. They need best candidates and they need freshers from a particular university. They want to pick the best fresh minds from the new passed out batch.


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