Training & Education Services

Training & Education Services:


Corporate Language Training

  • Having deep understanding of business culture and specialized requirements of companies and organizations, we offer corporate language training for executives and employees.

  • We offer training for various foreign languages like - French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc.

  • Our language experts teach the business communication, corporate jargon's as well as various presentation techniques to the professionals.

                       Cross Cultural Training                      

  • Our Experienced trainers have designed and delivered the Cross Cultural Trainings.

  • Customized training as per company's culture and specific project.

  • We try to sensitize the attendees to cross-cultural situations through various role-plays, games and other methods.

                       Language Training Camp    

  •  We take the group of people to a destination and organize a camp for Language Training.

  •  Most suitable for Foreigners on Indian Visit, Theme Tourists, Students on Study Tour, Summer Camps, Vacation Camp, Bonus Tours etc.       

                      Special Intensive Course            

  •   Visitors going to foreign tour for the business trip

  •   Preparation for an Examination

  •  For some short term specific courses


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