Multilingual Recruitment & Placement Services

Multilingual Recruitment & Placement Services:

Our expert recruiters are at your service to recruit resources with foreign language skills accross all levels, both native and Indian. Some of the highlights of our services are:

  • Recruitment Methodology:
    1. Pre-recruitment Process: We understand the company, it's vision & work culture. Then we also understand the job descriptions & requirements. We plan to match compensation, skills required and date agreed. After which we short list the resumes from our database.
    2. Recruitment Process: We conduct phone interview on predefined interviewing criteria. Then we shortlist profiles that match the skills required and compensation given. Conduct language written & verbal test if asked. Client Conducts Interview and Provide Feedback. Candidates Receive Offer Letters.
    3. Post Recruitment Process: We do reference check/ background verification if asked. Go to recruitment if any recruit quit within 2 months.

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  • Entry Level to Management Level
  • Full Time Resources - Indian & Natives
  • Specialized in Recruitment for BPOs, KPOs, IT Companies, Manufacturing and Financial/Accounting Services Companies.

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About Langjobs

We are Language Yogis ! Our mission is to connect the world through languages.

Email: info@langjobs.com

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