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Technical translation is specialized to a particular field, subject, profession or business and should be put into a category all its own. Technical documents can be anything from manuals to patents. Subjects include fields such as automotive, hydraulics, optics, engineering (civil, marine, mechanical, electrical, kaizen), avionics, medical (equipment, hardware), science and physics, to name just a few. Because of its specialized nature, technical translations need to be performed by translators specialized in the specific field.

When translating technical documents it's essential that all the terminology is translated correctly. Technical translations require the skills of a professional who is specialized in the subject of the document. At  LangJobs many of technical translators are former engineers, lawyers and scientists. But technical knowledge itself is not enough. Outstanding language and writing skills are needed to enable the translator to convey technical content in one language into another in a clear and precise manner.


At LangJobs our technical translators combine their field expertise with exceptional translation skills to serve all your technical translation needs. The some of the areas we have translated in are :-


  Automotive Documents Translations

  Aeronautics Documents Translations

  Lean Manufacturing Documents Translations

  Kaizen Documents Translations

  Online and Printed Technical documents Translations

  Hydraulics Documents Translations

  Optics Documents Translations

  Engineering (civil, marine, mechanical, electrical) Documents Translations

  Avionics Documents Translations

  Medical (equipment, hardware) documents Translations

  Science (physics, chemistry) documents Translations

  Technical Manuals Translations

  White Papers Translations

  Feasibility Studies Translations

  Training Materials Translations

  Books Translations

  Seminar and meeting papers Translations

  Presentations Translations

  Multi-media outputs of all types Translations


We adopt a Translation methodology to translate all the documents which makes us enable to provide a process driven and quality service : -


Translation Methodology


We specialize in providing document translation services for a number of languages including: Spanish, English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and dozens of other languages : -


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